July 16, 2021

Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools of 2021

Conversion rate is an indicator of all the efforts you are giving to drive clicks to your website. Optimizing your conversion rate requires deliberate and efficient efforts. Having the right conversion rate optimization tools can help you streamline your efforts and drive more revenue.

Conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who fulfill a targeted goal. These goals can range from filling out a form to making a purchase. If your conversion rate is high, it means your campaign is successful in converting leads. A poor conversion rate implies that it needs optimization.

Studies have shown that more businesses are focusing on Conversion Rate Optimization than ever before.

In this article, we’ve made a list of 10 brilliant conversion rate optimization tools that can help you revive your conversion rates and grow your business steadily.

What are Conversion Rate Optimization tools?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools collect data from a website and its users to assist in having a better understanding of how people use the site. From the data obtained these tools identify potential modifications and run tests to improve conversion rates.

While choosing CRO tools, you can go for tools with all the features required for CRO, or you can choose tools where each tool offers expertise in one aspect of it.

For example, tools offering data analytics will help you to identify why your website is not converting as it should be. Some tools will allow you to create and customize landing pages that affect the conversion rates.

We will guide you through the key features of the top 10 CRO tools along with their price and current market performance.

10 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools To Try in 2021

Proof Leads - for leveraging social proof

Proof Leads utilizes social proof for generating leads. To encourage people to take action, it leverages a combination of CTAs and pop-ups. It can be used to capture excellent leads from your site visitors without compromising their user experience.

This tool taps into your visitors' natural desire to be a part of something greater and unique through displaying social proof alerts. Proof Leads also allows you to export your leads to marketing and sales automation connectors like MailChimp and AWeber.

proof leads logo


  • Proof Leads offers a basic, clear, and intuitive user interface that makes for a great user experience.
  • Create and customize the templates in a minimal and appealing way from the huge range of best converting pre-designed templates.
  • This tool displays leads to your site visitors and makes them persuade to add social proof to the offers.
  • To increase recent and future sales, it offers lead capture tools integration.
  • You can export the leads captured with Proof Leads to Mailchimp, AWeber, or to Zapier integration (upcoming) to automate your sales.


Proof Leads offers a free trial allowing you to test its features before paying for it. Sign up now!

Qualaroo - for customer feedback and survey

Qualaroo is a contextual feedback collecting platform that allows companies to conduct surveys other than via email. You may construct on-site surveys with its Nudges feature that can be generated at any moment based on what visitors click and how long they spend on the page. It allows you to pose queries in context.

Udemy, Linked In, and eBay have used this tool to conduct surveys on their website. The professionally designed question template aims to help ask the right questions at the right time and in the right place.

qualaroo logo


  • Easy to set up and collects feedback promptly
  • Offers a wide variety of questions including open-ended, close-ended, dichotomous, and more.
  • Capable of integrating with other lead capturing tools such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Marketo.
  • Allows you to schedule and set a survey for a particular time or make it appear at random intervals.
  • Supports branching logic and helps to analyze feedback visually.
  • Companies may automatically gather the sentiment, keyword, and emotional ratings of text-based feedback from their users using Qualaroo's Sentiment Analysis.


Qualroo’s pricing starts from $80 per month for 100k monthly tracked pageviews. It offers three pricing tiers - Essentials, Premium, and Enterprise.

Lucky Orange - for an all-in-one CRO solution

Lucky Orange is dedicated to serving small to medium-sized businesses up to enterprise-level and Fortune 500 businesses. From marketing to customer support, everything is built-in for overall optimization.

At present Lucky Orange is one of the most used CRO tools helping over 300,000 websites worldwide.

lucky orange logo


  • Identify which pages are converting visitors and which are leading them to leave your site through conversion funnels.
  • Allows you to monitor and analyze key metrics like abandonment, field order, and KPI.
  • Helps you to keep track of a visitor’s interactions with chat, specific pages, and more.
  • Conduct surveys asking people about their product preferences, technical issues, or experiment with new feature ideas.
  • Build customizes dashboards based on the most meaningful website analytics.


Lucky Orange offers a free 7-day free trial, no credit card required. You can choose the monthly packages which come in a range of 10$-100$.

Hubspot - for automating inbound marketing

Hubspot’s inbound marketing tools include everything you'll need to implement an inbound marketing plan that increases traffic, converts leads, and generates revenue.

Frequent A/B testing can make a huge difference in conversion rate. The marketing software runs A/B tests and deploys tailored content accordingly.

hubspot logo


  • Uses blogging, social media, advertisements, and other methods to attract visitors.
  • Landing pages, email, marketing automation, ABM, and other tools help you convert visitors into buyers.
  • Revenue attribution reporting allows you to track your return on investment.
  • All of this is made by the client data in your CRM, which allows for personalization at scale.
  • This marketing hub brings all your marketing tools and data under one roof. Helps you to get all the context to provide a personalized experience that attracts and converts customers.


Hubspot offers both free and paid plans. The pricing for the plans are as follows:

  • $0/month (Free)
  • $45/month (Starter)
  • $800/month (Professional)
  • $3,200/month (Enterprise)

Unbounce - for creating landing pages that convert

Landing pages make up the bulk of conversions, hence they require a significant portion of conversion optimization efforts. Unbounce is a reliable landing page builder that allows you to create and test a variety of new landing pages quickly.

unbounce logo


  • An excellent drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to use.
  • Offers an extensive range of additional features as well that are crucial for CRO.
  • The Unbounce plan includes built-in A/B testing as well as tools that make it simple to duplicate the most effective portions of your landing pages for future usage.
  • Unbounce also has dedicated popups and sticky bars, which significantly improve conversion rates.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement is one of its most intriguing features, which adapts the text on your landing pages to the searches users type into search engines.


Unbounce offers three basic subscriptions, each of which has access to the majority of the platform's features. The price of each plan are as follows:

  • Essential: $79/month
  • Premium: $159/month
  • Enterprise: $399+/month

Hotjar - for making the best use of heatmaps

Hotjar is the only tool that provides comprehensive heatmaps, session recording, and user feedback on a single platform. The maps allow you to switch between views displaying where users click, where they move the mouse, and where they scroll.

hotjar logo


  • You can discover what attracts attention by learning how users behave through the heatmaps.
  • After conducting A/B tests you can observe behavior changes with Hotjar’s integration features.
  • Allows you to record live playbacks of user sessions on your site.
  • Filter Recordings by particular groups such as loyal customers, churn risks, or high spenders by uploading your unique data.
  • Builds a real-time suggestion box on your site that makes it easy to understand customer’s dissatisfaction or delight about individual parts of your site.


Hotjar offers a free trial, along with three packages that start from $39 a month.

Invesp - for a complete set of CRO tools

Invesp is a full-service turnkey conversion rate optimization tool. It compiles a large list of current conversion issues and explores new revenue opportunities.

invesp logo


  • You’ll get clear guidelines on where to begin, how to fix, and what work needs to be prioritized.
  • Runs the new concept as an A/B test on your site to show evidence of a clear revenue impact of any change they are making.
  • Provides unique experiences to customers to make them stick around.
  • The customer research is aimed to handle a growth blueprint for your business over the next 12 months.
  • Provides training and education to the marketing team and makes them more agile and data-driven.


Invesp’s full site CRO starts at $7500 a month, and CRO Audit starts at $6000 a month.

Google Analytics - for tracking website analytics

With over 29 million websites using Google Analytics, it is easily the most used web analytics tool. It’s free to use, but if your website has more than 10 million visitors per month and you need more data, an upgraded version of Google Analytics 360 is available.

Insights from CRO-related analytics go a long way in assisting you to identify areas for optimization and split testing. With a basic understanding of Google Analytics, you can uncover some incredible opportunities

google analytics logo


  • Get all types of reports to measure the KPI. The KPI metric helps you to understand how you are doing against your objectives.
  • Analytics gives you a variety of options for accessing, organizing, and visualizing your data to meet your business goals.
  • The integrated design works seamlessly with other Google Solutions and partner products.
  • In Google Analytics you can navigate to behavior>site search. It enables you to see behavioral aspects of site searchers compared to visitors that don’t search.
  • Google has a course called Digital Analytics Fundamentals. Taking that course can help you to understand the big picture of analytics in conversion optimization.


Google Analytics offers a free version which is enough for small to medium-sized businesses. You can also opt for its enterprise solution Analytics 360, for which you’ll have to contact their sales team to get a price quote.

Qualtrics - for making better surveys

Qualtrics comes with an impressive feature set and functionalities. You can create custom surveys with a drag-and-drop survey tool and use predictive intelligence to analyze data and reports.

qualtrics logo


  • Qualtrics surveys may be embedded in a variety of places, including mobile apps, websites, mobile devices, and chatbots.
  • To develop relevant surveys, pre-built survey templates with 100+ question types are available.
  • Easy to integrate with other platforms, such as Marketo, Salesforce, Adobe, and more.
  • ExpertReview feature to analyze the entire dataset.
  • You can explore the trends shaping consumer experience in 2021.


Pricing is available on request.

Optimizely - for harnessing the power of A/B testing

Testing is the ultimate game-changer to optimize conversion rate. Optimizely has an enterprise price tag that is aimed at larger online businesses wanting to test and experiment with their big CRO ideas.

More than a million experiments have been conducted on this system, providing Optimizely with the knowledge of what their consumers desire and how to create tests that produce results.



  • Optimizely Web experimentation plan runs a test on UI variations to optimize and personalize website messaging, imagery, layout, forms, and more.
  • The full-stack package empowers you to roll out new features and run deep experiments in your code based on websites, mobile apps, business logic, and even voice bots.
  • The stats engine is the core of Optimizely’s digital experimentation tool. You can experiment with as many variations and add as many metrics as you want.


Pricing is available upon request.

Final Verdict

We have tried and tested each of the tools in the list to help you pick the right tool to execute your conversion rate optimization strategy.

The list contains tools that offer unique features that can convert more web visitors into leads and buying customers. We’ve covered tools that are expensive but feature-rich, as well as tools that are cheaper but come with limited functionality.

If you are looking for the best balance between quality and affordability, Proof Leads can be a perfect solution for you. Sign up for a free trial today and you can see for yourself!

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