Lead Integrations! Mail Chimp / Aweber! 


Okay so you want to get your leads elsewhere automatically so we did our best as fast as we could. We have now added mailchimp integration where each campaign can be connected to your own list on either aweber or mailchimp. You can still see all leads within our dashboard but no need to copy past them anymore you can easily connect your lists and see them come right in either of the two platforms or both!   mailchimp integration  

Campaigns ! Hell Yea!


Okay so we heard you alright!We know its tedious to create notifications for each new website you want to add so we came up with a solution! Campaigns! Basically you create say 100 notifications (Image, name , location and timing) Now you have 3 websites. 1. Ecommerce, 2.Landing Page 3.Social tip Sharing. You want to use these notifications on all 3 sites, well now you can! 1. Create a campaign for site 1. 2. Type in your URL. 3. Mark your notification display interval. 4. Add Blurr Interval. 5. [add your message! for example: just purchased a product.] 6. Now select all the notifications you wish to add to this campaign you can select all or just select the ones you wish to add. 7. Click Save. Thats it you have your notifications code! Copy and Enjoy!Complete this process for each website using the same notifications and changing the message for each! Here are a few examples!  

Notification Boost!


Notifications now support https! We also fixed the randomization bug where notifications were not being randomized and were displaying in sequence for some users. Notifications can now be moved by pixels in case you have some footer text you don't wish to hide and can now be placed in the top of the pages as well on either left or right hand sides! Woo Hoo! You can now increase your notification display timings past 30 seconds as well as your blurr or active timings more then 5 seconds! Yay to more control!Notifications without an image will display a default avatar.  

Import / Export Notifications


After the free plan comes the major boost to notifications and we noticed many of you were being cry babies because you wanted to create excel sheets and upload hundreds of notifications (names, locations, timings at once). So i guess we did what you asked (ง'̀-'́)ง PS. Sorry images cannot be uploaded in mass using csv file imports.  

Lead Capture Improved


Your beloved lead capture now has a second part! Many of you have asked us to include name and email to the process so here it is for you!!    

Improvements 1.1


We fixed our front end web page and made sure our logins were now working perfectly. We are super excited to announce that we have now added a lead capture part to Proof Leads! So now you can control a nice attractive banner on your website and position it left or right and control your text! The lead capture popup can be initiated by scroll and now you can determine the scroll % before the popup loads. You can control the popup text and button text to easily capture phone numbers and customize the capture to your business. We are not done just yet! Some cool stuff coming soon! Here is a sample from a users website.    

Release Beta 1.0 


[Premium Plan opens to all testers free of charge. Limited Time Only] Big news today, we're happy to announce the start of ProofLeads so you can now be equipped with the tools you need to capture more leads and drive more sales for your business.
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