July 29, 2021

21 Ways To Improve Website Traffic In 2021

Traffic may not be desirable when you are on the road, but it is the ultimate desirable thing for your website. If the whole process of business conversion is compared to a funnel, then traffic is the top level of that funnel. The more people are there on the top, the more possibility of having an audience that converts.

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How do you increase website traffic? - a question that never seems to get old. But the answers are continuously changing as the latest strategies, new tools, and features emerge.

In this guide, you will learn about 21 ways to drive traffic to your website that are relevant and effective in 2021 and beyond.

Improve Website Traffic by Focusing on Your Content

1. Create short videos

Instagram reels, launched in August 2020, along with hyped platform TikTok have spurred the video marketing trend. Studies revealed that user-generated video content brings people to e-commerce sites who are 184% more likely to purchase.

Animated explainer videos are also a great way to redirect traffic to websites. Promote your products and services creatively, navigate viewers on how to use them, and direct them to your website.

89% of video marketers were successful in getting a good return on their investment in 2019. As video is no longer reserved for visual business industries such as fashion and travel, explore and utilize the spectrum of video marketing to get more traffic to your website.

2. Optimize content around a niche

Content marketing is not anymore focusing on lengthy, detailed articles. Rather, it has stepped up to niche marketing, that is understanding the audience and catering to their needs.

Conduct a survey to identify your targeted audience’s problems. Create short and precise content on how your product or service can solve that problem.

When dealing with a small niche, it is crucial to use long-tail keywords. As long-tail keywords are more specific and have less competition, it is easier to rank on Google. This way, you’ll get more organic traffic to your website.

3. Use social proof in content marketing

A psychological phenomenon known as Social proof constantly drives us. People tend to follow the crowd and rely on other people’s recommendations and experiences to make their decision. Social proof is a powerful weapon in driving more traffic to your website.

Customer’s social shares bear a testimonial that you can attach as social proof. Asking people to register for your newsletter may work better if you mention how many people have already registered.

In this regard, Proof Leads can help you by displaying social proof notifications to your audience. The social proof leads notifications are created manually to convince people to visit your website.

4. Create “Stories”

Audience interactions have evolved beyond the newsfeed. People are largely interacting with ‘stories', a relatively new but engaging feature on social media. Stories are presented in a full-screen format, which makes them more engaging and real. By increasing audience engagement, you may use them to drive traffic to your website.

Call to action through stories by using location tags, website links and leverage the fear of missing out on an attractive opportunity. Use taglines such as “visit our website within 24 hours to get the best deal”.

Explore the stories feature on social media in more detail. Several options provide you with an infinite amount of creative possibilities.

5. Build content communities

During the pandemic, digital marketing has shifted its focus to personalization. With the rise in the activity of community groups across social platforms, people seem to appreciate the sense of community belonging.

Being part of a community where members create and share content can help you to expand your website’s reach, even with fewer resources.

A survey of B2B marketers found that nearly one-third (32%) had online communities. . In the same study, among B2C marketers, almost half (48%) had online communities as well.

Improve Website Traffic Through Influencer Marketing

6. Host giveaways

People will have to visit your website to enter your giveaway if the entry form is on your website. Promote your giveaway on various platforms and that will direct people to your website to enter into the contest.

Eco-friendly items, work from a home essential kit, return to the office items, wireless products, and generational marketing items are attracting audiences more than ever.

7. Appoint brand ambassadors:

Ambassador Marketing is prominent in 2021 for reaching your targeted audience in the most genuine, reliable, and trustworthy way possible.

You can also turn your socially savvy employee to brand ambassadors. They know ins and outs of your brand better than anyone and it’s a win-win marketing strategy to bring more traffic to your website.

8. Provide an authentic experience

You may have already tried collaborating with influencers, sending them PR, and asking them to review your products. But, these days people want it more authentic.

You can arrange webinars or host sponsored podcasts to increase your reach and eventually website traffic. Asking influencers to visit your store or workplace can also create a positive impact.

Improve Website Traffic by Communicating with Your Audience

9. Send Emails

Whoever says E-mail marketing is outdated has not tried creative ways to reach audiences through the mail. E-mail marketing is going to be here undoubtedly, but you need to step up from buying email lists and sending automated emails.

Build your email list from scratch and segment them based on subscriber’s interest. You can also opt for a service like OneMoreLead, which can offer you a database of millions of verified B2B prospects to search from.

You can integrate your social media marketing with email campaigns to generate traffic to your website. Giving personalized touch to email marketing encourage people to stop by your site, click on the offerings, and convince them to make a purchase.

Design unique email campaigns and reach your website traffic goals!

10. Engage proactively in multiple social media platforms

A Facebook page or an Instagram profile is not enough to make your website visible. Reach out to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit to increase web traffic. For B2B marketers, Twitter has been the hotbed to drive traffic leading 82% of marketers using this platform in the last 12 months.

Reddit community is significantly growing and 87% of Gen Z users enjoy being a part of this community. Post your website’s link on Reddit as a Redditor and not as a marketer. LinkedIn statistics to drive website traffic are also impressive and content creation on LinkedIn has increased to 60% in 2020.

Proactively engage and grow your marketing outside the traditional social media platforms to drive traffic to your website.

11. Offer discounts for new visitors

Offering discounts on visiting your website is a quick way to get people’s attention. If your discount is only valid for a limited time, make sure to mention that while advertising the discounted items. When people know they only have a few days to look around, they are more likely to rush in and cause more traffic.

Freebies such as free templates, quizzes, free resources can also lead people to your website. Give them away!

12. Utilize PPC ads

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC as it's often called, is one of the most efficient ways to drive traffic to your website. It's all about targeting a certain audience based on their search keywords by having an ad appear next to the search results for certain ‘AdWords'.

According to Google, businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 spent on AdWords.

In inbound marketing, no matter how great of a marketer you are, it takes time. But having the right PPC strategy, you can drive visitors to your website in hours. In PPC, Google Ads is not the only option and you can try different PPC networks to have great success in traffic generation.

13. Retarget ads

Retargeting increases your brand's visibility by allowing you to reach out to people who have already expressed interest in your items. 97% of people who visit your site for the first time leave without buying anything. Once they leave, they are lost forever - unless you bring them back with Retarget ads.

Retargeting uses paid ads to target audiences who have visited any of your social media profiles and bring them to your website. It is a long-lasting strategy and you’ll never run out of visitors.

Studies have found that retargeting ad placements surpassed all other ad placements with a 10X efficiency rate.

14. Run tests to optimize paid campaigns

Acting on wild guess will only increase your expense instead of your website traffic. Run frequent tests before you plan out on paid campaigns and let the data drive your new pricing plan.

Make A/B split test a priority and follow the test results to improve the traffic of your website. In this case, do not believe your ‘gut feeling’ and do your research.

Improve Website Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

15. Focus on most searched topics

Google’s algorithm is evolving, and so is the trend in digital marketing. Google’s goal today is to figure out what the users are looking for and more importantly which search results can best assist them in getting what they are looking for.

Organize all your content around different themes based on the most searched topics and link them together into ‘clusters’. Each of these clustered content on a certain topic has the potential to rank themselves and drive additional traffic to your website.

16. Use Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords, which often relate to terms with three or more words, play an important part in voice search. Identify one long-tail keyword, e.g. “how to drive traffic to a website”. Find more related keywords and use them throughout your content. Aim to rank higher than the current content on your targeted keyword to get more organic traffic.

17. Write standard Meta descriptions

Compelling Meta descriptions can increase your website’s click-through rate (CTR). Write interesting and unique Meta descriptions. Focus on user experience along with character count.

A compelling Meta description sounds like a conversion initiator rather than a plain description of your website or company. Use the most searched keywords under a niche in the Meta description to rank on SEO.

18. Add internal links

Google uses links to discover new content on websites and to rank it in search results. A high number of links to a post or page indicates to Google that it is an important or high-value article.

As a site owner, you have control over internal linking. You can direct your visitors and Google to your most important pages by using the right internal links.

For example, your content is on Guide to conversion rate marketing, you can link the posts on “Guide to conversion optimization research” and “Top 10 CRO tools in 2021” to boost your SEO performance.

Improve Website Traffic Using The Right Tools

19. Improve the landing pages

Landing pages are the face of your website. From introducing your brand to converting clicks into sales, landing pages help you to accomplish your goal at each stage of the process.

To have landing pages that can improve web traffic, you can use landing pages tools. These tools run tests on your website and design the best landing page for you based on the data obtained from the test. Unbounce, Instapage, Leadpages, Hubspot are the most widely used landing page tools to improve web traffic.

20. Improve loading speed:

Every second matter when it comes to website loading speed. According to Google research, increased loading times from one to three seconds raises the likelihood of a bounce (a visitor leaving immediately away) by 32%.

You can start with Google PageSpeed Insights to track your web pages’ performance. This easy-to-use tool is convenient to test the speed on both desktop and mobile devices. Another two popular tools are the Pingdom website speed test and GT Metrix which are both budget-friendly.

21. Use Analytics tools

Analyzing the different sources of traffic is a crucial part of driving website traffic. There are multiple aspects of this analysis and you can break it down into many small segments.

However, behavior analytics should be a top priority as it opens the door for personalization. You can trick the psychological pattern of the human mind and bring them to your website using behavior analytical tools.

Proof Leads is such a tool, which manually creates and displays notifications to leverage social proof and boost your conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

There are 101 ways on the internet to drive traffic to your website, but all of them might not be a good fit for you. You don’t necessarily need to go above and beyond to have more traffic to your website. Doing the simple things properly can help you boost your traffic steadily.

Use Proof Leads to drive traffic to your website by attaching social proof and displaying social proof notifications. Sign up today to not only increase your website traffic but also your conversion rate by more than 175%!

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